Internaional Management Institute, Dobrich, Bulgaria

The Association "International Management Institute" (IMI) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization established in 1993. The association is a good example for established successful public-private partnership among different types of organizations with the common purpose to achieve sustainable regional development, increased qualification of human resources, provision of equal access to education for people in unequal social position, elderly people, people with disabilities. The main activities of the International Management Institute are: providing consultancy and management activities; preparation of information materials; selection of professional trainers and experts; training and retraining activities; improving the qualification of the academic staff; preparation of highly qualified specialists in the field of economics and management; providing training for increasing the qualification; professional training.

Provincial National Education Directory, Governorship Edirne, Turkey

The Provincial Directorate of National Education in the Edirne Governorship of the Turkish Republic is a regulatory education institution. Edirne has 400.000 people living in the whole province and 120.000 in the central city. The directorate represents over 200 schools and institutions of all kinds. The directorate has a vast experience in EU projects. Our education services cover from 4 (pre-school) to 99 (adult education) years old learners.

Ovidius High School, Constanta, Romania

The Ovidius High School, a famous presence in Constanţa's landscape, has had an interesting evolution in its 50 years of existence, being created in 1955. In 1972, the city was visited by cultural personalities from 17 countries including Italy, France, Canada, the Unites States, etc.) and by the mayor of Sulmona, Italy,(the birthplace of Ovid). The mayor of Constanţa proposed then that the school should bear the name Ovidius, after the Roman poet Ovid, who was banished to Tomis (nowadays Constanţa), and died there. His suggestion wasn't followed immediately, however. In 1975, the school became the Mathematics and Physics High School No. 1. After the Romanian Revolution  of 1989, on September 1, 1990, it was renamed Ovidius, as suggested 18 years earlier. Despite the name changes, Ovidius remains a prestigious high school of the city and the county of Constanta.

Youth For Achievements, Yerevan, Armenia

Throughout its existence YFA has implemented over 30 cultural projects some of them were regional projects. In 2007 YFA in partnership with "Charity Humanitarian Centre - Abkhazeti" NGO (CHCA, Georgia) and Azerbaijan Youth Union (AYU, Azerbaijan) has organized the "South Caucasus through the eyes of its Youth" Art Exhibition which was organized and held in Tbilisi, Georgia. Overall 120 student artworks participated in the exhibition. Exhibition artworks' catalogue was published and disseminated in partner countries among interested parties, local Government, international organizations and etc. Due to the success of previous project YFA in partnership with CHCA and AYU implemented "Dialogue of cultures" Project. During the project a CD with cultural animations was produced and disseminated in partner countries.

Georgian Arts and Culture Center, Tbilisi, Georgia

The GACC is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation was founded in 1995. In 2001 it was re-registered as a foundation. The mission of the GACC is (a) to preserve, develop and promote Georgian cultural heritage; (b) To develop, promote and market Georgian national crafts, (c) To suppoert and develop scientific studies in the field of Georgian arts and culture, (d) To strengthen the economic viability and self-sustainability of cultural institutions, culture based small and medium businesses, and individuals working in culture and the arts, (e) To enhance the development of contemporary Georgian art and exhibition activities, (f) To establish international art relations and cultural exchanges and (j) To carry out educational activities.

Edirne Anotolian Tourism And Hospitality Vocational School, Edirne, Turkey

Edırne tourism and hospitality vocational school was established in 2002 in Edirne. It is a four year school. In the first year of school the students learn several lessons and especially 10 hours in English in a week. Throughout the next years they start to learn vocational courses in tourism and English. When Spring comes and the season of tourism starts, the students intern in different parts in different regions in Turkey.

Higher School "International University College", Dobrich, Bulgaria

The International University College is an internationally recognized institution of higher education, specialized in the area of management, business administration and tourism. It shall test and validate the new training program developed with the BS CAP project.